Thursday, May 12, 2016

@c - Three-Body Problem [Cronica 111 Promo]

Another fresh one from the Portuguese Cronica imprint is "Three-Body Problem", the sixteenth - sic! - full-length album composed by @c which is based on the music the duo of Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais composed for the puppet theatre play "Agapornis" back in 2014. Whilst track "Transcendence 115" has already been introduced a few days ago we're now in for a full review of the entire, hour-long album piece on these pages. Derived from a commissioned production the pair of producers - with the help of several musicians contributing harp, trumpet, bell and vocal sounds amongst others on various bits and pieces - rolls out a sonic landscape of mostly mechanical, robotic and superincumbent nature that seems to rely on repeated actions, surface attrition, moving apparatuses and mostly, dark'ish, Drone-referencing electronics which, in its most psychotic moments, turns out to be the hell'ish soundtrack of threatening nightmares like in the fear-inducing, vocal-morphing "Sleep 114" whilst tunes like "Cage 116" or "Prophecy 117" provide and emulate the haunting, slightly unsettling feel of alien swamps for those appreciating Dark Ambient to the fullest before the full nine minutes of "118 Reduction / Reflection" come across in a kind of calm and folksy, Indietronic-influenced manner and the concluding "119 Collapse" even induces hints of harp-led romanticisms despite the sonic turmoil and uproar happening in the albums most extended bit. Defo a good one, this!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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