Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Driftmachine - Colliding Contours [Umor Rex 088 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Umor Rex on May 6th, 2k16 is Driftmachine's newest musical outing entitled "Colliding Contours", an eight track, 45 minute longplay piece that defo provides a musical continuity when seen in context of its predecessing, 2014-released album "Nocturnes" whilst slightly gravitating towards a more benign, less artificial and more accessible feel. Led by the ever present Dub-references which play an essential role in the modular universe explored by the duo consisting of Andreas Gerth and Florian Zimmer we see arrangements less sparse and stripped down, with Deep Listening structures covered in layers of Ambient beauty ("Radiations") or gnarly synth signals in tunes like "Sans Soleil" or "Dogov Godov" . In "Observant Sirens" we're even taken to a surprisingly bubbly dancefloor as we see Driftmachine working on their very own, deep vision of Bass Music / Dubstep accompanied by intense modulations and fever'ish tribal drums that might be filed under the flag of MythStep for a reason whilst the follow up "Gaukelwerk" is, despite being well dancefloor-functional without a doubt, closer to a Dubstep variation once presented by Pole ca. ~scape 2008, than to the mystical uniqueness of Shackleton and his fellow companions. In "Lost Travelers" droney modular sequences are accompanied by a decent, yet broken 4/4 and exo-tribal drumming to a space-time dissolving effect, "Ambler" incorporates elements of classical DubTechno chordwise as well as sweet, floating melodic fragments and the final "Nunc Sans" takes a turn towards retrofuturistic Sci-Fi Ambient, sending out a series of twisted signals into the yet unexplored universe. This is what we'd call a progression in sound, although not all fans of the outstanding 2014 album might be on board here due to an evident lack of ultraminimalisms. 

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