Monday, May 30, 2016

I Have A Tribe - Beneath A Yellow Moon [Groenland Promo]

Just released a few days prior to this review on Herbert Grönemeyer's very own Groenland-imprint is "Beneath A Yellow Moon", the debut album of the Irish songwriter Patrick O'Laoghaire, better known under the musical alias I Have A Tribe. Following up to two singles put on the circuit in 2k15 the eleven songs on this longplay piece serve a very direct, spontaneous, yet intimate approach towards the well blurry genre widely recognized and referred to as Singer/Songwriter, come across as beautifully unpolished and raw, mainly relying on guitar, piano and - of course - vocals as main ingredients but still tends to gravitate towards a variety of styles. To go into further details the opener "Passage" is surely influenced by Blues with a slightly psychedelic edge, "La Neige" brings in heartfelt, widescreen drama and "After The Meet" is the kind of heartbroken Piano ballad one wants to immerse oneself in on a rainy sunday afternoon. With "Cold Fact" we get a great example of how simple yet amazing non-electronic Pop music can be, the "Battle Hardened Pacifist" starts out fragile but rises towards dramatic, climaxing moments and - for us - is the most spine-tingling and fascinating song on "Beneath A Yellow Moon" whilst "Casablanca"'s ruminant atmosphere reflects the thoughts of a broken man and "Buddy Holly" brings in a sweet and sanguine early morning feel for all those who need to feel that there's hope somewhere. With "Kamala" Mr. O'Laoghaire reflects about free floating artistic minds in his very own specific style, "Tango" deals with a well-broken relationship before "Scandinavia" goes down the alley of total fragility and intimacy and "Cuckoo" concludes the album with a sweet, acoustic campfire feel and a little funny studio-sequence at the very beginning of the song for all the hardcore geeks out there. Sweet one. 


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