Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 044]

Scheduled for May 26th, 2k16 is Sascha Müller's latest full length album effort on his very own Supersix Records Extra which is another eleven tracks journey into mostly 4/4-based underground electronic music. The highly detailed opening track "Welten" seems to fuse Minimal House and Intelligent Techno whilst bringing in slices of Dub, "Frequenzgang" caters super dry Tribalisms accompanied by elastic Acid lines for hard trippin' ecstasy before "Blist" serves this special kind of uptempo ClubTechno DJs like Steve Mason or Colin Dale would've loved in the mid-90s - precise, spaced out and uplifting stuff for the raving massive. Following up is "Cap", a tune in which positive, bubbling Acid modulations and metallic clangs take over, "Contrast" pleases the needs of every Chicago House lover with a raw, yet happy and slightly playful approach, "Das Muster" speeds up things for a reason and defo aims at energetic primetime crowds longing for their next ecstatic fix and so does "Der Bassläufer", introducing distortion big time and stimulating brain cells with tripping background flanges as well as aggressive, hard hitting hi-hat attacks before developing a kind of abstract Broken Techno attitude throughout the last 90 seconds. For "Diamonds & Pearls Part II" Sascha Müller creates brillant stab works on a stripped down ClubTechno foundation whilst "Electrotherapy" is on a darker, more psychotic Techno tip well fitting for illegal warehouse parties that surely are about to go crazy when the crystalline, Kraftwerk-reminiscing breakdown hits and "Flightrecorder" defines tribal'esque minimalisms over the course of exactly 500 seconds. Finally at the end of this album we're entering the "Future" through a psychedelic portal built of pounding drums and spiralling TechTrance vibes on which we're floating along strings and twists of the universal spacetime continuum. Sweet.


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