Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cristian Vogel - Classics Remastered 1993 - 1998 [Sub Rosa 388]

Another blast from the electronic music past comes from the Belgium-based Sub Rosa-imprint who have recently released Cristian Vogel's "Classics Remastered 1993 - 1998" album, a completely crowdfunded project which includes a selection of 23 tunes from legendary releases like "Beginning To Understand", "Absolute Time", "All Music Has Come To An End", "Bodymapping", "Specific Momentific", "Busca Invisibles" and the "Conscious Arrays EP". These tracks, all of them remastered from original tape sources, perfectly showcase why his early productions were quickly picked up by labels like Mille Plateaux, Sativae, Mosquito, Force Inc. Music Works or Tresor as their prototypical Broken Techno-attitude was sth. new and fresh in these days and incorporated elements of Electro as well as deep melancholic strings like in the 1993-released "Machine", wonky bleeps like in "Beginning To Understand" or superfunctional dancefloor weapons like "Time" or "Absolute". With "What" we even see a proper dancefloor anthem unfold, tunes like "Absence Of Fear" weigh in quite a heavy bit of electroid sci-fi modulations, "Plastered Cracks" enables crowds to jump around and bang their heads without anything holding them back and Jamie Lidell's remix of "Don't Take More" brings back the original, distorted vibe of the rawest Chicago Basement tracks ever created whilst "You And I" fuses Intelligent Techno and subaquatic Electro vibes to a fascinating effect. And although we've never been huge fans of Cristian Vogel's special and unique sound aesthetics due to the fact that he never fully emphasized the sub-bass aspect of his productions which more than once were put in the drawer labelled as Wonky Techno but used to stay on the dry side of thing soundwise we cannot deny that he has left a large scale legacy musically, especially with his early works. So this compilation is essential for fans new or old not only for its enhanced sound quality but also for featuring a previously unreleased version of 1995s "Around".

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