Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jim Denley / Cor Fuhler - Truancy [Splitrec. 024 Promo]

Another release that came in from Australia recently is "Truancy", the 2014-released split album of Australia's Jim Denley and the Dutch musician Cor Fuhler which was recorded shortly after Mr. Fuhler moved to down under back in 2012. Together, the two artists created two long experimental tracks both exceeding the 17 minutes mark for this album which are based exclusively on prepared and therefore heavily reprocessed alto saxophone and acoustic piano - a combination of instruments that is not necessarily obvious or easily recognizable when listening to these tunes. Rather, one might feel these being closer to experimental modular synthesis / electroacoustics mixed up with high frequency sinewaves, short Field Recordings and only partly incorporating acoustic instruments with an improvisational approach as their tonality and allover feel are more often than not highly altered to an extent of irrecognizability. This said, and knowing about what kinda of instruments provide the source frequencies for this interesting, ever changing journey into sound, we hope that listeners from all over the globe have and still do appreciate the massive amount of work and sonic shortcuts that went into the creation of "Truancy" as this is defo a timeless, unique and fascinating piece of audio art that many readers of these pages might not have heard of before.


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