Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A. Dyjecinski - The Valley Of Yessiree [Sideways Saloon Promo]

After we've already introduced A. Dyjecinski's song "I'm The Woods" on these pages in late April we're now taking a closer look at his debut album entitled "The Valley Of Yessiree" which has been put on the circuit via Sideways Saloon only recently. Basically the result of failing to find full-on solitude as well as being an offspring of an unfulfilled attempt to maintain a totally remote lifestyle even in very off the beaten path areas of the world the album lives and breathes the longing for a natural, rural place to stay, represented by its calm, partly inward looking late summer feel and a very basic, down to earth approach towards what Rock music on the edge of Folk and Singer / Songwriter can sound like when an artist decides to handle and reel-to-reel record each and every instrument on an album all by himself, even though he might not be the most elaborate player on some of them. But sometimes - and this defo goes for this album as well - this kind of honesty  and diy-attitude is the best and only way to create what can only be described as personal magic and intimacy that exactly depicts one's inner state of being, a unique mindset that possibly does not reinvent or revolutionize a genre but adds a few bits here and there falling together in a way that makes an album a beloved future companion, a musical friend and partner in crime for thoughtful - and maybe bourbon fueled - hours. Therefore recommended.   


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