Monday, May 23, 2016

The Jazzfakers - Hallucinations [Alrealon Musique 064 Promo]

Forthcoming on the Alrealon Musique-imprint in late June 2k16 is the fourth full-length album by the NYC-based quartet The Jazzfakers which is not only entitled "Hallucinations" but is, maybe due to being inspired by Oliver Sack's book of the same name, quite a trip into unknown sonic - and well hallucinogenic - territories conducted by David Tamura, Raphael Zwyer, Robert L. Pepper and Matt Luczak to name all musicians involved. And one might only guess if the information that this album was recorded under the influence - a different substance for every member of the group to be more precise - might have played a role in the construction of this exceptional, yet outerworldly and completely unique album which links up more than a simple review could explain or even try to describe. Imagine improvisations and the ultimate essence of hypercomplex FreeJazz amalgamated with the most jamming, psychedelia-induced moments of The Doors, Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix, blended with amounts of chaos, Noize and 60s sci-fi sounds, accompanied by free floating, meandering rhythm signatures, interrupted and layered by most beautiful Jazz Noir or Bar Jazz moments which are mixed up with heavy, cut up feedback guitars to built the most confusing, yet captivating psephite-like mashup you might've come across - ever. A fascinating mixture of slightly overwhelming, ever changing sonic events that one simply cannot fully embrace throughout one, two or ten listening sessions and therefore provides a different experience whenever one has a go at it. And btw - unexperienced listeners might give up after a few minutes as well.  We don't.

Album artwork on Instagram! 


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