Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kein Zweiter - Teilstück Für Totalen Schwung [90% Wasser Archive Release #1]

It's been ten years since Gort Klüth and Klaus-Helene Ramp stepped on the scene with the debut album of their collaborational project Kein Zweiter , released via Column One's 90% Wasser imprint in 2006 and it took them quite a while to accomplish their sophomore longplay piece which is now out on the circuit in stamped whitelabel LP format which includes an additional art card as well as a stamped DVD-r featuring the stunning video for "Eine Richtung, Eine Saat" which has already been featured on these pages earlier this month. Blessed with the will to explore raw, free floating experimentalism that we missed since the Ingenious Dilettantes era as well as a feel for super digital, yet also distorted production techniques which are regularly found on more recent releases of labels like Raster Noton Kein Zweiter effortlessly combines these ostensible antagonisms to form a unique take on experimental Industrial Wave with a slightly sexual or at least seductively erotic overall connotation that surely - not only vocalwise - is influenced by legendary acts like DAF without attempting a simple emulation of well-working formulas, crosses over into dark'ish Rhythm Industrial realms in "Tanzlied" and even incorporates religious themes and overtones in the albums unsettling conclusion "Der Wagenmann". This defo is an album able to dispense daylight within a few bars - even in these bright summer days.   

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