Thursday, May 12, 2016

Peter Farrar - Avocado [Splitrec 026 Promo]

Coming in from the Australian imprint Split Rec we've got Peter Farrar's latest album output entitled "Avocado" which is scheduled for release on May 15th, 2k16 and on which the Sydney-based artist  is exploring the possibilities and options of the alto sax , overcoming the borders and boundaries of this long-established brass piece developing a very own and unique approach towards the instrument. Showcasing his alt. sax vision within four tunes featured on the longplay piece the opener "Light Green" introduces a percussive, stuttering technique kinda evoking memories of late 90s data transfer via modem or ecstatic mechanical processes accompanied by often disharmonic overtone layers whilst the 15 minute spanning title track slightly alters this approach by exploring oscillating off kilter tremolos and screeching rusty metal-on-metal FX to trigger a feel of ever lasting post-industrial wasteland induced longing and despair, a special post-societal sax blues if one likes to put it like that. Furthermore we'll find "Green Stripes" providing more isolationist, high frequency droning and tense, ever changing, fast modulating percussive pops with a slightly futuristic vibe which are slowly intertwined with what seems to be field recordings of unknown, yet surely sogging wet nature before the final piece named "White" digs deeper into squealing sax abuse and further inward-looking isolationism. Thrilling stuff, this is!

Album artwork & unboxing video:


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