Friday, June 03, 2016

Beehoover - Primitive Powers [Unundeux]

Sitting in our P.O. box only recently was "Primitive Powers", the February released album of the Esslingen am Neckar-based band outfit Beehoover which was officially put in the circuit via the German label Unundeux. And after the band's 2007-released album "The Sun Behind The Dustbin" has been reviewed on these pages in late 2006 we're glad to see that the guys are still around a decade later and that their musical output is still as captivating and thrilling from the very first minute of their new longplay effort - which belongs to their song "Pissant Wings" - as it used to be. This said Beehoover  are still meandering somewhat in between Skatemetal - yes, we've referenced Mucky Pub in the past and this still might not be untrue for the actual album - with a dark'ish, glooming twist, raw powerful riffing, seductive vocals and a good portion of Stoner- and Desert Rock influences which especially come into play in the heavily life-weary ballad named "Millwheels Of Being" and in the tense, more ritualistic and doomy Rock cut "Light My Pyre" whilst the post-apocalyptic, droning and feedback-heavy industrial-campfire tale "Tickling The Dragon's Tail" tells a story of uncompromising internal darkness. But these are only a few outstanding tracks picked from a highly recommended album that should be on heavy rotation on everyone's headphones throughout 2k16.

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