Sunday, August 14, 2016

By The Waterhole - Two [Playdate Records 008 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August 26th, 2k16 via Playdate Records is "Two", the second - well... - album by Norwegian singer and composer Eva Pfitzenmaier under her artistic alias By The Waterhole. Within seven songs and a total runtime of 32 minutes we're taken into Pfitzenmaier's very specificly designed sonic world that can be intimate and playful in terms of intimate, Folk-influenced JazzPop ("The End Of It All") or even totally stripped down and Blues-referencing when the singer stacks various layers of her own voice over nothing more than a muffled bass drum in the captivating tune "Rollin'"or its successor "A Thought Caught On Fire" which also reveals the artists love for Spoken Word poetry, kind of. The beautiful "House By The Sea" accounts for a good portion of Synth-driven, yet ruminant Pop stylewise before crackly, droney Ambient sequences provide the tender foundation for more Spoken Word poetry in "I Fall" whilst "I Want To" goes back to the ultraminimalist Blues attitude, although the rhythmic structures are a little more complex in this one and an off-tune Piano adds additional bits here and there. Finally "The Loudness Of No Sound" concludes this way too short album in a tender, Piano ballad manner and we're hitting the repeat button straight a away for a reason. Get!


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