Friday, August 12, 2016

The International Nothing (...And Something) - The Power Of Negative Thinking [Monotype Records 086]

Put on the circuit via Monotype Records in June 2k16 is "The Power Of Negative Thinking", the full length album debut of The International Nothing (...And Something) which is basically an extension of the clarinet duo The International Nothing, comprised of Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke, forming a quartet piece featuring Christian Weber on double bass as well as Eric Schaefer on drums and percussion instruments. Together the quartet creates a feel of deeply felt autumnal melancholia in the stripped down, highly captivating opener "Lokale Gebräuche", transition subtly into the "Golden Age Of Communication", which mainly stays on the plangent main motif of its predecessor but adds ever building, yet separated percussion sequences as a foundation, bringing in a certain amount of Funk but also some influences of Bossa- and related percussion styles before "We Can Name You Their Names" takes the groups minimalism even further, providing a new kind of Blues (Not Blues) for inner city philosophers and rural concretecists that turns into free, high frequency improv and organic Noize at about five minutes, only to pursue its inherent vibe with a more PostRock-related twist after a surprising breakdown to near silence. In "Long Bow Glowing" The International Nothing (...And Something) explores magical, yet slightly eerie ambience and the sinister titled "What You Need To Know About Drowning" makes us wonder how stripped down and droney a fully organic quartet comprised of live instruments can ever get as this piece is the definition of 'stripping down things to the very core' although simultaneously providing us with dark and beautiful layers of clarinets whilst introducing rasping Field Recordings towards the tunes' end. "Something Went Wrong" might be the most dancey song on this debut album, providing a playful, positive vibe oozing off stoically played live loops and a certain Rock attitude when it comes to its drums whilst  "Nothing's Gonna Last Forever" reminds us that even this great album comes to an end, weighing in thundering background percussions and - again - heartfelt, thoughtful melancholy for those who love to stare out of steamy windows into a bleak and rainy world. This is great!

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