Friday, August 05, 2016

Various Artists - Eleven Into Fifteen: A 130701 Compilation [1307101 / Fat Cat Records Promo]

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary these days we see the Fat Cat-associated and cryptically named imprint 130701 coming up with the new compilation album entitled "Eleven Into Fifteen: A 130701 Compilation" comprised of formerly unreleased tracks from all artists that have been - or still are - part of the label roster so far. Usually connected and associated with so-called PostClassical / NeoClassical music the stylistic range on this one goes far beyond that niche. Olivier Alary's 10 minutes vocal epos "Yangtze" can be filed under the flag of both Indietronics or even most abstract Post-PostRock with a Shoegaze meets Scenic Ambient attitude whilst Dustin O'Halloran brings a fusion of static Noize and angelic Dream Pop vocals into play in "Constreaux  No. 2" and Set Fire To Flames, the all star band featuring members of Fly Pan Am and Godspeed You Black Emperor! which was the original and initial reason for the launch of 130701, caters a solemn and lugubrious ballad graced with subtle Noize eruptions and slo-mo accordion named "Barn Levitate".  Furthermore we'll find mystical, echo-driven Ambient with shamanic qualities in Resina's "June", Hauschka's "Quiet" is an ever culminating array of layers ranging from thundering Clicks'n'Cuts-reminiscing digital feedbacks to fragile strings and, once again, mystery-inducing choir vocalisms, Sylvain Chauveau's "N B" is a beautiful lo-fi version of a Ballad Noir and Max Richter's "Bach Study" doesn't come across as - although one might guess from the titles name - excursion into (Neo)Classical territories but provides more of a familiar, dusty and well-crackling feel evoking memories of Oval aesthetics in Marcus Popp's "Systemisch"-era as well as of vintage, long time lost photographies or Super 8 recordings. But these are only a few tunes picked from many more that are showcasing the stylistic spectrum of the 130701 imprint one needs to examine for more than one reason only.  


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