Thursday, August 11, 2016

Skadedyr - Culturen [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music in mid-May is "Culturen", the sophomore album of the 12-member band Skadedyr whose contributing musicians are, apart from the work in this project, are also involved in musical outfits like Skrap, Moskus, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and many more - another proof of how interconnected and overlapping the countries Jazz and experimental scene is. Together the twelve musicians take us on a well-captivating trip in the first minutes of "Datavirus" which can be described as a elaborated fusion of Jazz Noir and heavy Phonk before a complete musical plot twist turns the whole thing into a playful and lovely novelty affair for no reason whilst even bringing in elements of Easy Listening and Classical Music. More of a skit is "Muggen Loop", serving a sweet vintage Bar Jazz atmosphere for lovers of  high quality cocktails and rare alcoholic beverages that abruptly comes to a halt after 117 seconds whilst "Bie" fuses influences from Post- and Desert Rock with Indietronic-related experimentalisms hit by amazingly intense pianos and a certain krautsy-ness that - for some strange reasons - evokes memories of both Mouse On Mars ca. "Autoditacker" as well as the very first 7" releases by Jeans Team way before they went into full on Electro / Electroclash later throughout their career. In "Nussi Sinusdatter" we do not only find the most funny sounding track name on this album but also approximately two and a half minutes of droney, organic ambience, "Tralertall" comes more across on a collage like level, being comprised of Field Recordings, Noize eruptions and more of a Free Improvisational approach unveiling only a few glimpses on harmonic well-being with an epicly romantic proportions before the title track "Culturen" fuses uptempo Dancefloor Jazz with a sweet take on Norwegian poetry and Spoken Work approach to an amazing effect, concluding this recommendable album in a well-remarkable way. Check!

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