Monday, August 08, 2016

Wolfram - X [Monotype Records 102 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Monotype Records only recently is "X" , the latest album by the artist recognized as Wolfram after eleven years of near silence which saw only a few scarce and scattered contributions to compilation albums by the producer. But now he's finally back with new material, a mini album of five tracks and a total runtime of approx. 40 minutes pressed on a specially engraved CD of a kind we've never encountered before which adds a nice little visual topping to the music we're about to discuss. With the opening tune "W:X:Swarm" we're diving into a sonic realm of gentle surface noise and what seem to be field recordings of a trip into a summery landscape including, indeed, sound textures of swarming insects which are, throughout the course of the tune, both highly intensifying as well as accompanied by subtle bass droning and tender, metallic pulses whilst the follow up "Introspektiv" leaves us running on beautifully crafted waves of Ambient and Deep Listening Music slowly transferring into the calm and quiet levitation of the "Exploded View" that's interfered with electrical buzzes and perturbing, cold and artificial sweeps of well unsettling nature. Furthermore "N:xizhe" delivers a more angelic, heavenly approach towards Ambient music which is layered over a foundation of heartbeats and might even be referred to as uplifting in direct comparison to its predecessors before a surprising musical plot twist hits approx. half track and the whole thing becomes a quite intense and well threatening  affair, telling tales of darkest vaults and giant, sinister creatures crawling miles and miles underneath the earths surface. Finally a society of "Secret Humans" is working on a secret new world order and the soundtrack to their work is comprised of eerie Drone, high frequency chirps and short bursts of modular synthesis breaking through the seemingly calm surface, revealing unspeakable things happening just hidden in plain sight.If there's any soundtrack to any conspiracy theorist video ever we're calling out this one for a reason. So maybe there's a reason why it took Wolfram eleven years to come up with this?

And just to spark more curiousity here are some interesting side facts: all tracks are transitioning into each other and their subsequent individual runtimes clock in at 5:58, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 minutes so we're seeing a conceptual pattern coming into play that needs further investigation for a reason.


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