Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Serph - Plus Ultra [Noble Label 218 Promo]

Released on July 15th, 2k16 via the Noble Label is Serph's new longplay piece entitled "Plus Ultra" which is, to be honest, not exactly an album in its original sense but more of a thirteen track collection selected from former albums and now served in a slightly re-arranged manner. Altogether the bundle of tunes covers of a musical spectrum that can be described as surely influenced by genres like Downbeat, TripHop and NuJazz which are re-interpreted in a rich, more sugar-coated and surely more electronic way that's somehow reminiscent of Rephlex' mid-90s Easy Listening supergroup widely recognized as The Gentle People which awed their audience with their very specific, kitsch-oozing take on the Downtempo / Exotica scene back in the days. In tunes like "Monsoon (Unknown Season Version)" this attitude is even fused with fast-paced, spiralling and ExoPop-influenced IDM, "A Whim (Solid Jam Version)" brings in a mixture of Library Music, Jazz and a synth-driven, hyperchromatic 80s TV show intro - think NEON here! - and "Soul For Toys (Pilgrim Version)" takes the amalgamation of Dope Beats, glitches and scenic melodies to another level for sure - and maybe is the most outstanding track of the album as well which will be - although way happier and positive sounding - defo appreciated by those loving DJ Krush's "Entroducing" album to bits. With "Luck (Darjeeling Version)" cuteness finally goes into overdrive mode due to layers upon layers of sweet, melodic elements and "Memories" somehow manages to invent Balearic Bossa Pop for sunsets on hyperspeed. This album might not cater things unheard of and possibly might seem to be a little too cheesy at first but throughout the journey things slowly start to fall into place and finally it all makes sense, somehow. Do not check if you're allergic to panorama melodies and scenic string arrangements, though.   


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