Sunday, August 21, 2016

Zöller & Konsorten - Flucht Nach Vorn [GMO / Rough Trade]

Well, sometime I wonder if music pr companies do even do proper research when they're building their databases and collecting press contacts from allover the place. After we decided to pull our email contacts from this website for being flooded with spam and stuff it has become rare that we've been receiving music that is totally off the beaten path and not nearly close to the focus of what we're taking care of here - mostly electronics with a pretty much experimental twist - but sending us an album like the one we're about to review now is pretty much like a shot to the moon. We're talking about the debut album of Zöller & Konsorten, a four piece band comprised of members of bands like BAP, Udo Lindenberg's Panikorchester, Fury In The Slaughterhouse and Leningrad Cowboys - the first two being well known and praised within the German Rock scene whilst the latter are renowned internationally but all - and that's for sure - lightyears away from what we've reviewed and liked, ever. No more fucking Rock'n'Roll is what German Techno pioneer Westbam once proclaimed and that's the path we're following for sure, plus: we're well skeptical when it comes to the use of the German language in any kind of Guitar-driven music - but these are only a few thoughts before we've even dared to press play. And after the first seconds of "Flucht Nach Vorn" it becomes pretty clear that all our apprehensions were pretty much understated, it's all way worse and this album is a nightmare. To cut things short - a totally dusted and musically outdated fourteen songs longplay effort for smalltown moped riders from German villages, still dreaming of the magic once provided by movies like "Easy Rider" and of America as land of the free whilst never being able to look at the world over the rim of their own tea-cup because they're bound to the old sod. For us there's absolutely no way to make it through the whole 47 minutes of this album so we stopped our review attempt after three and half songs and now we're sad that this kind of music even exists and apparently there are still ppl digging stuff like that. The 60s are over, the 70s as well and even back then this tame germanized counterfeit version of Rock'n'Roll was nothing but a sad mistake. Guess we'll need some Merzbow now to heal our wounded ears.


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