Thursday, August 04, 2016

Erik Blood - Lost In Slow Motion [Homeskillet Records Promo]

Coming in promowise from the States only recently was Erik Blood's most recent album entitled "Lost In Slow Motion" which has been put on the circuit via Homeskillet Records in late April. After a well mysterious, cryptic and multi-layered Spoken Word-focused and Ambient-infused intro we're immediately drawn into a dreamlike sonic outerworld where all everything is like veiled or feels like packed in thick cotton wool whilst hazy streaks of sound and DreamPop vocals are floating one foot above the ground, adding a new level of density to an already misty air. With more lively songs like "Bloused Up" Erik Blood manages to fuse the overall DreamPop feel with a little Indie attitude in a way that reminds us of contemporary bands like Eau Rouge whilst "Quiet" caters the needs of those craving for ethereal, synth-fueled choirs and hints of WitchHouse before "Remove Control" sets dancefloors in motion with epic 80s references and a good portion of high quality, moony SynthPop influences that defo stick out amongst the other songs of the album stylewise, yet provide some underground hit potential in certain scenes. With "Hold For Laughs" we're having another pretty interesting song that unifies fans of Twin Peaks, Sinkane and Com Truise for a reason and the concluding "Out This Way" waves goodbye in a string-heavy, melancholia-inducing and well ballad'esque manner oozing with romanticism and heartbreak like a vintage love story shot in the heydays of black and white cinematography. Good stuff, this is!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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