Thursday, September 15, 2016

Alien Ensemble - 2 [Alien Transistor Promo]

Roughly two years after releasing their self-titled debut album we see Micha Acher's Alien Ensemble making a comeback on Alien Transistor with their second longplay outing simply named "2" on September 23rd, 2k16. And once again Mr Acher and his fellow band members which include Andi Haberl, Stefan Schreiber, Oliver Roth amongst others set out to explore a completely non-electronic sonic environment that's well-informed by genres like Jazz,  KrautRock, Indietronics and PostRock but still aiming to create something new, epic and beautiful in its own right instead of serving a simple amalgamation of the mentioned genres elements. And in tunes like the cinematic, playful, yet crowd moving "Morgenstimmung", the more introspective and melancholic TripHop / Downtempo-reminiscing "Dope" with all its cute melodies or "Skeleton Dance" which is defo the krautsiest tune on "2" the results are defo pretty much remarkable and worth to check out although the Jazz aspect is not that present as in the band's debut and therefore we feel that the album might probably be a little less appealing to the groups initial audience and original fanbase.

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