Thursday, November 10, 2016

Geir Sundstøl - Langen Ro [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via Hubro Music on October 28th, 2k16 is Geir Sundstøl's second solo album "Langen Ro", following up to his 2015-released debut "Furulund" which finally came about after Geir Sundstøl was involved in way more than 200 - !!! - albums prior to that, being the dedicated session musician he is. Focusing on his own ideas and creativity here we see the artist pan out a set of eight tunes falling together as a psychedelia inducing, mostly instrumental mosaic incorporating elements of Folk and twangy Desert Blues, Ambient and some bits and bops of seemingly ritual temple music, maybe of Buddhist or at least South East Asian descent, whilst tunes like "Los" or "Baris" even evoke memories of laid back Hawaiian steel guitar music. This said, it's understood that 'real' instruments - and mainly the very distinct guitar -  are the most prominent asset here, with drums being rare and electronics, especially synths, playing only a subsidiary role in the creation of a gentle musical flow that, on the one hand, is carving out a niche of its own whilst, on the other, is perfectly working as unostentatious background music for long, hot and lazy summer days.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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