Monday, December 12, 2016

Celer - Two Days And One Night [Sequel 005]

Will Long a.k.a. Celer has been coming up with his new conceptual ten track album "Two Days And One Night" as 005 of the Sequel label only recently, a longplay piece that doesn't only bring on deep, beautiful Ambient structures with a sad, or at least melancholia-inducing, undertone but one that has been inspired by - and kinda is dedicated to - a tragic backstory which happened in the artist's family back in 1984, when his 80 year old great uncle drowned in the sea near Hammamet after spending exactly "Two Days And One Night" on vacation in Tunisia. With this in mind we see Celer carefully staple layers upon layers of soft padded sonic tissue and audible, yet mostly minimal and repetetive movements whilst stitching pieces together with patches of, partly very stripped down, Field Recordings that resemble sounds both the artist himself as well as his late great uncle might've come across when wandering the streets of Hammamet throughout their stays, the first mentioned in 2015 when retracing the steps of his passed relative in 2015. With, and even without, the knowledge about the albums history, this longplay effort is nothing short of a highly recommended piece for each and every Ambient collector around. Get.

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