Monday, December 12, 2016

Letherette - Last Night On The Planet [Ninja Tune Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ninja Tune on November 25th, 2k16 is Letherette's latest ten track album effort named "Last Night On The Planet" which once again showcases the broad variety of what the project is capable of productionwise, keeping things real on a nice organic oldskool level with the super dope HipHop tune "Momma" which features Rejjie Snow on microphone duties and is quite a banger of an opener that keeps every head nodding from beginning to end for a reason. Following up are "Rich & Dan", an instrumental pairing fusing beatmaker science, complex programming and stuttering glitches for those who know, "Shanel" rocks a more electroid, breakdance-oriented level, presenting phat snares, epic strings and bouncing b-lines for all the b-boys and fly girls popping, "Wootera" caters the needs of a 4/4-focused floor jam-packed with positive party ppl whilst incorporating vocal sample bits reminiscent of Future Garage / Future R'n'B and "Bad Sign" featuring Jed & Lucia even brings in a little of blurred Electronica Folk for all those loving their shoegazing vibes to bits. Furthermore we've got a "Dog Brush" that keeps advanced House Music floors moving for sure, catering a menu of abstract, slightly off kilter yet captivating synth tones, dusty needle tonality and spraying micro-cut vocal snippets, the "Frugaloo" rides on a wave straight in between punching Deep- and LateNight House and "Soulette" brings us a surely Burial-influenced portion of glitched out Future Bass music for moments of occasional dancefloor mentalism happening throughout the wee hours. Finally we see "Rubu" coming across as a playful, twinkling excursion into Ambient Electronics which suddenly picks up hyperspeed halfway through the track to send crowds off into ultimate heavens whilst the closing tune "Last Night On The Planet" comes full circle with the albums opener in terms of fascinating HipHop vibes but features Pyramid Vritra on the mic here. A dope ass album, this.


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