Sunday, December 18, 2016

Paul Wirkus - Discours Amoureux [Edition Beides 002]

Put on the circuit via the Cologne-based imprint Edition Beides is "Discours Amoureux", the latest four track album effort crafted by German electronic music composer and performer Paul Wirkus who is dealing with what is described as laptop live in the info sheet, meaning that all pieces on this longplay effort were recorded in a live context to another recording device throughout live performances, without any additional editing. In the album's opening tune "1982" this results in a beatless, yet rhythmically structured journey into highly digital, nearly scientific music that's well informed by genres likes Clicks'n'Cuts as well as Electronica and, to us, evokes memories of Muslimgauze tunes once put out via the label throughout the first half of the tune before droney, atmospheric strings slowly start to emerge after minute five or so. With "1499" things are turning out to be a little warmer and more organic when a beautiful repetetive yet slightly glitched and skipping melodic motif is mixing up with contrasting layers of what seem to field recorded bits of clanging metal or small glass pieces before we're introduced to a well calming Minimal Ambient / Minimal Electronics approach later on. The subsequent "2016" takes us into spheres of more minimalism and crackly Drone Ambient, accompanied by occasional percussive hits, undergoing an evolutionary step towards pure Field Recording before finally coming full circle - except for replacing the crackles with more scraping sounds this time - towards the tunes end whilst the concluding tune "1888" caters the needs of all those loving their Ambient music blurred and quite static, providing a continuous, yet tense foundation of harmonic unrest accompanied by slowly building waves of brittle noise for those who know. Defo a good one, this.

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