Thursday, December 15, 2016

Laurence Crane / Asamisimasa - Sound Of Horse [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian label Hubro Music on November 25th, 2k16 is "Sound Of Horse", the latest collaboration between the English composer Laurence Crane and the also Norway-based group Asamisimasa which gathers various solo and multi-part compositions under one roof, starting with the 13+ minutes spanning "John White In Berlin" - a quite ambient'ish piece mostly based on continuous droning, singled out piano chords and experimental, not necessarily harmonic cello play. In contrast to this, the short interlude "Old Life Was Rubbish" brings on a more intense take on hammered piano beauty, "Riis", a composition for clarinet, cello and electric organ, caters a kind of deep, autumnal melancholia in Ambient whilst the following three parts of "Events" are revolving around things related to February 7th, 1997 for a reason, including ppl celebrating their birthdays, selected foreign exchanges rates including French and Swiss francs as well as weather conditions in Britain - all brought to our attention through angelic, yet hypnotic singing on top of a calm and peaceful musical foundation. Finally, the final circle of sequels is "Sound Of Horse", a seven part composition that caters a more uplifting, playful and spring-like feel, although performed on real instruments partly reminiscent of a genre once known as Indietronics and therefore defo appealing to fans of early Morr Music releases and musical outings of likeminded labels throughout the period from 1998 to 2002 approx., as well as to all lovers of (Neo)Classical music as well.

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