Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hexa - Factory Photographs [Room40 Promo]

Put on the release circuit in early November, 2k16 via the Australian Room40 label is "Factory Photographs" by Hexa, a collaborational project by Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart which first came to be as a commission for an exhibition of David Lynch's factory photographs - hence the name of the album. And taking into account Mr. Lynch's description of an ideal factory location featuring '...winter-dead black trees and oil-soaked earth.' the musical efforts served under the Hexa name meet this idea with an 100% accuracy. The opening tune "Sledge" comes in as a cold, like: below siberia cold, take on Dark Ambient vs. Industrial noises and an extremeley eerie, threatening atmosphere and sets the path for a journey into a realm of mysterious sonic horrors, including ongoing, near static scraping and far away metal objects clanging in "Lumber", fascinating Rhythm'n'Noize in the ultra dark "Ring Bark" whilst "There Never Was" depicts the void in a calm, yet spine-tingling Dark Ambient matter. With "A Breath" we're taken back to the first half of the 90s when we discovered experimental electronic underground music due to the formative compilation "Abschied Aus Berne: Eine Kompilation Hamburger Geräuschmusik" whilst "Vertical Horizons" seems to be a Field Recording from a doomed, post-fallout production facility far underneath the earth's crust, seamlessly transitioning into more chugging vibrations and relieving, light-bringing atmospheres in the subsequent flight  "Over Horizontal Plains" before the final cut named "Body" caters a sequence of apocalyptic explosions and triggers pictures of multiple - and rapidly multiplying - mushroom clouds scattered across the globe. Devastation!     


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