Saturday, July 08, 2017

Pharmakon - Contact [Sacred Bones Records]

Released on March 31st, 2k17 via Sacred Bones Records is "Contact", the latest album effort put  on the circuit by Margaret Chardiet's Pharmakon project which also celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Driven by a growing interest in the state of Trance Margaret Chardiet created a body of six tracks on this longplay piece which opens with the dark and ritualistic "Nakedness Of Need" and a highly captivating take on doomed Industrial Electronics and the artists desparate, expressive vocals. Following up we see "Sentient", a climaxing interlude, somehow reminding us of an F1 racing track, the "Transmission" epicly fuses Noize and Rhythm Industrial to a grinding, maelstrom'esque effect and "Sleepwalking Form" caters a dark and danger-inducing, horror score atmosphere that sure can trigger psychotic meltdowns in weak-heartened and instable listeners - if there's a soundtrack to a hell'ish vortex it's this tune on repeat. Furthermore "Somatic" dabbles around with a combination of alienated feedbacks and heavy Noize loops and the final take on "No Natural Order" might be the most threatening and aggressive tune on this album, built on grinding synths, harsh screaming vocals and a foundation of clanging metallic loops as a rhythmic structure. Excellent and highly recommended for repeated consumption throughout ones darkest hours, this.

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