Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ben Wood Inferno - Wilder Wilder Faster Faster [Sumo Rex 010]

Incoming only recently was "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster", the October-released album by the band outfit named Ben Wood Inferno put on the circuit via Sumo Rex which already kinda puzzled us for a reason throughout the process of opening the letter it came with on camera. But no matter what, let's talk a little bit of music here. As the album artwork kind of indicates there's more to this album than it just being pure Rock'n'Roll as stated in the album info. According to the wild and dark'ish black and purple graphic design and imagery we get a 38 minutes serving of Rock'n'Roll in its wildest and most untamed form, a raw vision of Garage-induced ProtoPunk and teenage rebellion weighing in undeniable hits like "A Few (More) Monkeytricks", the Grunge vs. Funk vs. Crossover anthem "Sway" which is probably the main and most catchy tune on this album for all angsty skate kids and cool as fuck off-mainstream youths drinking beer and smoking bongs as well those having followed the SkateMetal and Alternative scene in the early 90s whereas "Marching Off To War" features impressive Ska-/ Reggae-influences and a killer groove for all distortion lovers galore. "Shakin'" weighs in more Ska-infusions and classic Garage Rock, "Stroke Index Serenade" merges FreakBlues and FreeJazz before "I Never Liked You Anyway" provokes a proper bar fight and the concluding "Trashedy" is another 8 minutes of Lo-Fi mayhem for underground venues packed with genre specialists. Surprisingly good and way better than expected at first sight.


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