Friday, November 17, 2017

Ziur - U Feel Anything? [Objects Limited / Planet Mu 391 Promo]

Released in early October as a collaborative effort of Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-imprint and Objects Limited is Ziur's debut album "U Feel Anything?", a twelve track effort showcasing the musical realms the Berlin-based Boo-Hoo-founder lives in. Opening with "Life Is Not A Commodity" we're entering an eerie, haunting and captivating Ambient sphere influenced by (Neo)Cosmic and dominated by various layers of warped, sped up vocals bits sounding like alien transmissions from the far out corners of the cosmos whereas the following title track presents an arrangement comprised of precise Electronica / Breakcore-crossover and glitched, crystalline melodies accompanied by warm, analogue bass tones. The next tune gets us "Soaked" in electronic fairy dust whilst following the direction of its predecessor, "Body Of Light" - a collaboration with Aisha Devi - sees Ziur exploring ethereal, outerworldly Pop spheres and haunting, yet deeply touching overall vibes before "Cipher" causes havoc on the dancefloor with its killer fusion of glitched beats and advanced contemporary bass music. Listening to "Moonlight" is more of an abstract, in parts even Ambient / IDM resembling affair of only 68 seconds length, "Rituals Of Passage" comes across as an angsty Industrial soundtrack for a nightmarish, ritualistic transition into the realm of the dead, "Don't Buy It" picks up an Industrial Dubstep / Industrial Grime vibe delivering complex rhythm signatures and shreddered rave signals whilst "Laughing And Crying Are The Same Thing" featuring the Swedish singer Zhala fuses a dark bass music foundation with more of an uplifting, playful and innocent attitude in terms of vocal performance - a mixture of a highly seductive nature turning this into a possible underground uberhit. The next tune sees Ziur being "Drawn" towards a more cold and scientific approach towards Future Bass Music of an epic, and even slightly romantic, kind, the short snippet "Arise" is an excursion into digitally created Rhythm Industrial and the final cut "Fractals" is a heavy rollercoaster ride comprised of hefty stop'n'go beat arrangements, a BigBeat-feel on tilt mode, beautifully sculpted atmospheres and microcuts of electric guitar riffs for the headstrong. Coherent abstraction in here.


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