Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Greg Fox - The Gradual Progression [RVNG Int.]

Released on September 8th, 2k17 via RVNG Intl. is "The Gradual Progression", Greg Fox' latest album who sees himself going through a transformational period musicwise these days. Over the course of seven tracks, irritatingly split into eleven indexes on the CD version, he, alongside contributions by artists like Justin Frye, Maria Kim Grand, Curtis Santiago and others, serves a great, captivating and ongoing instrumental journey through a musical realm that we'd describe as intense, yet emotional, storming and scenic interpretation of vintage Progressive Rock with a quite complex, modernistic approach, some electronic sparkles and a good portion of Future Jazz whilst even influences of Drum'n'Bass, Space Rock, FreeJazz or even Cosmic synths pop up from time to time. This is a good one.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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