Wednesday, November 15, 2017

ORI - 1986 [Filter Music Group]

Recently released via Berlin's Filter Music Group is "1986", the sophomore solo album by the Berlin-based producer Ori Alboher a.k.a. ORI who's appeared on these pages with his new video for "On The Floor" lately, a Future R'n'B cut which has been taken from the album as well. Originally hailing from Jerusalem and regarded as hot, yet underground insider tip amongst those in the know within the local scene ORI started to built a reputation, sold out shows and was even discovered by the makers of the US TV series "Shooter" which used his single "Black Book" on the score - a big turning point for the young artists career. Going into the album with the sparse, yet romantic Synth'n'B cut "Incubate" ORI paves the way for things to come, following a "Path" of abstract, captivating HipHop beats and lovely pads whereas "Solo" explores ORI's great vocal abilities atop a super stripped down Future R'n'B foundation. "There's No One Else" opens with bits and pieces of a French conversation, human beatbox based beat and a seductive bass lick reminiscent of Lou Reed alltime favorite "Walk On The Wild Side", the epic "Black Book" is a blueprint of 4/4-based Future Soul and defo, even apart from its TV success, a cut to be embraced by both more of a mainstream audience as well as Slow / Romantic House lovers whilst the title track "1986" weighs in 41 seconds of reverberating experimentation in haunting Ambient spheres and Field Recordings before seamlessly transitioning into "W.H.W.T.O. (feat. Golden Ego)" and its carefully layered backward loop structures and multiple, warped vocal layers. Being "Half Human" means to serve stripped down, subaquatic, psychological drama, surface noise loops and mind-bending vocal alterations, the "Pulse" caters nothing but deepest, most haunting slo-mo atmosphere and lovely piano lines for WitchHouse and Mutant HipHop lovers before the final "Parachute" brings back precisely crafted beat wizzardry for 808-lovers and melancholia-craving Downtempo headz.     

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