Thursday, December 07, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Book Noise

Quite an interesting, and only in parts music related, release by the ever active Noize producer dubbed Dr. NoiseM. Using the PhonoPaper app created by Alexander Zolotov the Meppen-based artist transferred a whole album of Experimental Electronic and Noize tracks into a visual print format which can be re-transferred into sound and played back via scanning the single print pages of the book with an ios smart phone or tablet pc using the named app which also allows individual sound manipulation through variation of scanning speed or direction, shifting the consumers role from listener to active remixer and creator within the listening process. The results of the transfer are visually thrilling, obviously noisy, black and white images of a distinct beauty, showcasing symmetry and frequency shifts in fragile detail, partially even resembling ripples on a pond or evoking mind boggling 3D illusions for the advanced eye. Not only one for the followers of Noize as a genre but also a recommended piece of coffee table art for graphic designers, visual minimalists and computer design geeks. Check.


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