Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 058]

Put on the circuit as its 058 via Supersix Records is Sascha Müller's latest untitled album piece which contains a dozen new and previously unreleased tracks crafted by one of Germany's busiest, yet most underrated producers. With the opening track "After Party" we're taking off into a realm of properly stripped down - not: minimal - Techno accompanied by dubbed out, slightly Trance-inducing pads for all Intelligent Techno headz, "Amazonas Becken" is more of a pounding, muscular affair weighing in damp, tropical heat and hints of tribal percussion, "Bass T-Error" caters a wall of brutal Rock drums played in a straight 4/4 manner accompanied by a hefty portion of - hence the name - twisted sawtooth basslines for the  ElectroClash and BigBeat crowd before the "Bunker" provides stumbling, ecstatic borderline HardTek / Hardcore for violent late night sessions in underground - well... - bunkers. The epic and beautifully crafted crystalline Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic sound of "Centaury Prime" immediately evokes memories of deep unexplored space, "Control My Body" is more on a twisted, Acid-infused RaveTechno tip, bringing warped synth sequences, astronautics-related vocal samples and razor sharp hi-hats to the table whilst the "Crackle Box II" is providing 152 seconds of rhythmic crackles indeed and "Deep & Dirty" goes down the brutal lane again with a barrage of highly compressed Hardcore drums and eerie background sweeps. Being into "Deeper" things means grooving along to heavily pounding Techno with a slightly Progressive, partly even Psychedelic attitude and a well catchy, bass focused main motif surprisingly leading into a floating Trance cascade throughout the tracks course, "Droids 02" is a cold, futuristic Slo-Mo Techno affair for spaceship robot raves, "Drum & Bass" is a gooey, playful and frolicking piece of Future Tribal Techno for heaving crowds on a full on Rave tip and the final cut "Eserver" is a blueprint for fast paced, tool'ish, distortion heavy Tribal Techno in 2k17 for sure. Quality.


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