Friday, September 16, 2016

Jemh Circs - Jemh Circs [Cellule 075 001]

To be released on September 30th, 2k16 via the new imprint Cellule 75 is this self-titled album by Jemh Circs, a formerly well hidden alias used by Marc Richter who is primarily working with voice samples obtained from Youtube music videos here. This approach, resulting in the eight tracks of the half hour long album debut, leads to an array of fever'ish, blurred, multilayered soundscapes of quite irritating, yet well fascinating nature that seems to amalgamate the skipping nature of Marcus Popp's CD-collection abused for his early Oval productions, the oftentimes iriscidating, highly chromatic production value of Fatima Al Qadiri's outerworldly music and the information overload provided by non-working brain filters to people suffering from Asperger's syndrome and similar conditions. This said to paint a rough picture of Jemh Circs music, tracks like "Est" even bring in a fascinating quality that might be filed under the flag of Ambient Rave whilst "Iant" introduces the beatless, yet crowd moving action of highspeed glitching and "Mesc" delivers a 97 seconds anthem for all those loving their aforementioned early Oval releases like "Systemisch" to bits. Defo a great album that follows a pretty much conceptual guideline in terms of production without being a so-called concept album at all. Recommended!


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