Monday, May 07, 2018

Lybes Dimem - Syncleft Chronem [SVS Records 012 Promo]

Released on April 27th, 2k18 via Munich's SVS Records is "Syncleft Chronem", the first album by visual artist / musician Lukas Rehm using his artistic moniker of Lybes Dimem. Following an intricate conceptual pattern we see Rehm create a complex, highly digital body of sonic work incorporating elements of glitch heavy Noize patterns, grinding Electronica, Illbient and even Rhythm Industrial, exploring realms of pitch black darkness, subfrequency unrest and post-apocalyptic warfare inhabited by those yearning for more musical output by artists like Scorn, Mathhead, Techno Animal, The Bug or Vex'd as well as the likes of Alec Empire in his 'Iceland Sessions'-phase or followers of labels like Mille Plateaux, Hymen, Ant-Zen or Ad Noiseam, bringing on a highly recommended, masterly crafted soundtrack for a cold, dystopian future - on earth and in war-ridden outer space. Check!


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