Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Third Eye Foundation - Wake The Dead [Ici D'Ailleurs Promo]

Put on the circuit via Ici D'Ailleurs on March 30th, 2k18 is "Wake The Dead", the latest album outing by Matt Elliott under his legendary guise known as The Third Eye Foundation. Clinging to their intransigent, unapologetic attitude we see Elliott and his partners in crime David Chalmin, Raphael Seguinier and Gaspar Claus cater a full body of six tracks spanning 45 minutes, starting into their journey into darkness with the albums title track, a both bass heavy yet angelic affair clearly drawing inspiration from Illbient, Dub and other types of bass music albeit following a more abstract and ritualistic path before the "Procession For Eric" is fully caught in polyrhythmic, Tribal-infused Illbient, post-apocalyptic string phrases and sickening low end movements whereas the ruins of "The Blasted Tower" are shimmering through a heavy dust fallout, structures of interestingly cut up Downtempo beats, occasional scratch sequences all covered in droning atmospheres, more strings and mysteriously layered non-vocalisms from various, yet  unidentifiable sources. Following up is a "Controlled Demolition", opening with heavy distortions, more deadly, dubbed sub waves and lively, well interesting drum cycles for Illbient-lovers which are accompanied by thrilling vintage synth chords for an additional kick, "That's Why"  is on a sweet pingpong swing beatwise whilst sampling and deconstructing vocal bits straight from the ghetto, creating a massive dancefloor smash reminiscent of the long forgotten niche of Baltimore Bounce and the final cut recommends to "Do The Crawl", creeping up on you like a giant  Illbient Dub monster, stripped down to the very bone, yet dark, deadly and fascinating like a living fossil, humungous and unfazed by the fast movements of today's civilization and lifestyle. What a closing, this is!


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