Saturday, June 09, 2018

Ana Dall'ara-Majek - Nano-Cosmos [Empreintes Digitales]

Put on the circuit via the long-time active Empreintes Digitales is "Nano-Cosmos" by Ana Dall'ara-Majek, a five track album joint which, according to the very sparse album info given, contains a selection of pieces composed between 2012 and 2017 all dedicated to insects, small arthropods and microorganisms conceptually. Which is quite an usual approach, kind of. Whilst we're letting this sink in we see the opener "Akheta's Blues", like all other tunes on here also following the concept of acousmatic music, amalgamating seemingly modular space bleeps, Glitches, elements taken from genres like Clicks'n'Cuts and Field Recording of steps, probably in the snow or on ash-covered terrain, with droning Ambient aspects whereas the following cut "Diaphonus Acarina" focuses on a darker, brooding and certainly swampy aspect of electronic composition whilst nervous glitches do intersect the scenic feel on a regular whereas the "Bacillus Chorus" caters a mixture of high frequency bleeps, rumbling sub modulations and outerworldy vocal illusions for the experimental minded out there. Walking down the "Pixel Springtail Promenade" Ana Dall'ara-Majek comes across more brooding deep space Ambient and crackling, highly digital surface noise, Industrial disturbances and more cut up Field Recordings which are also to be found in the final cut that is "Xylocopa Ransbecka", weighing in spatial droning, more nervous modular bleeps and an overall feel of brooding danger, once again interrupted sudden- and randomly at times and therefore slightly hard to keep track of for a reason. Defo catering to a super niche audience following series and compositions of seemingly random sequencing without any obvious logical structure. Not so much of our cup of tea, this.

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