Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Various Artists - Pavilion: Listening Practices By Lithuanian Artists [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Released only recently via the Music Information Centre Lithuania, seemingly the main hub for the countries experimental music scene, is "Pavilion: Listening Practices by Lithuanian Artists", an eight
track compilation curated by Arturas Bumsteinas showcasing the work of several artists not only muscially but also with extended linernotes, opening with Viktorija Damerell's "I Force Myself", a thrilling cut-up Spoken Word-piece exceeding the realms of reality and perception within its very first seconds, followed by Ramunas Motiekaitis and his "I Can't Get Through To You" exploring realms of ultraminimalist percussion signatures over the course of nine minutes whilst "Mother" by Kristina Inciuraite is fully based on a seemingly field recorded dialogue accompanied by scraping metal and motor sounds and Emilija Skarnulyte goes deep into naturalistic territories with her "Ablation Zone", capturing the howling sounds of dogs and wolves alongside other natural background noise without any additional commentary. Curator Arturas Bumsteinas and his "The Year Of The Catdog" furthers the explorations in Field Recordings and dialogue, this time alongside what seems like a crackling campfire accompanied by obscured whistle and flute sounds, "Some Of All That" by Gaile Griciute takes us on an acoustic journey into windy lands, providing what can be described as Isolationist Ambient stylewise, Julijonas Urbonas "Sounding Door" is a 20 second creaking Field Recording episode, or better: snippet, whilst the final cut, "Numbers" by Darius Ciuta, combines abstract, slow motion rhythm signatures, short string bits and a modular melody looped in the far background with various recordings of everyday sounds and an eerie layer of his, adding a somewhat haunting and spine-tingling feel to his piece. Interesting stuff for those digging deep into the realms of Minimal Music.

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