Saturday, June 09, 2018

Tom Wu - All You Want [Echokammer]

Put on the circuit on May 25th, 2k18 via Munich's Echokammer is Tom Wu's most recent album "All You Want" which sees the drummer, composer, singer and multi-active jack of all trades deliver a fresh nine track frame of songs, opening with the dark'ish Wave ride that "Johnny Doe" fusing raw vintage synths with a punk'ish, lo-fi vocals and feel of greyscale despair mixed up with a surprising, complex musical plot twist whilst the follow up "Cocaine Champagne" speeds up things on a raw, more electronic level, serving captivating synth bleeps and ecstatic vintage synths to those brocking out to classic tunes like The Normal's "T.V.O.D." before "All You Want (Is Just A Little Something)" brings out a little more playful, yet surely 80s Wave-reminiscing feel which is quite uncommon for the Munich scene the mainstream recognizes, even more though as he manages to add a little bit of TexMex-vibes into the fast paced mix whereas "Memphis, Tennessee" seems to refer to both multiharmonic Beat, US College Rock and BritPop on a well-twisted level. Furthermore "Please, Baby, Smile" goes deep with a mix of melancholia, Wave and a cheap ass preset synth funfair joint on acid, the "Elephant Dance" is on a PostPunk-informed, Yello'esque slo-mo P-Funk tip whilst drifting into spaced out (Neo)Cosmic areas and "Wintermute" flexes a braincell wrecking Acid line atop a raw, intense ElectroClash foundation. With "Rumble Down At The Beverly Square" we see the artist explore thundering drum sequences and thrilling signals as well as minimal, repetetive lyrical efforts and the final cut "Erich Zahn In The Desert" sounds like a retrofuturist drug adventure of sorts, think Tarantino on vintage synths for a reason, and therefore is quite a bit of a quirky trip. A well interesting transmission from the active Munich underground this is. Check.


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