Monday, June 04, 2018

Samba Toure - Wande [Glitterbeat Promo]

Released via Glitterbeat on May 25th, 2k18 is "Wande", the third album the Mali-based singer Samba Toure created for the label. Coming out totally different than originally planned we see the album, previously announced on these pages with the video for "Goy Boyro", provide an overall selection of nine tracks, fusing traditional music from his home country with more Western influences, creating a natural amalgamation of Blues-reminiscent qualities that goes way beyond what is broadly referred to as 'Desert Blues' as an overall generalization but seems to be more like an evolutionary step towards a new traditional music out of Mali, a new aspect and angle resulting in beautifully stripped down cuts like the inward looking "Hawah", the 70s Biker- / Psychedelic Rock-infused "Yerfara" or the ultra laid back cool romanticism of  "Hayame". Check!


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