Thursday, June 07, 2018

Fauna - Infernum [Ventil Records 009 Promo]

Out on the circuit since May 24th, 2k18 on Ventil Records is "Infernum", the sophomore album created by Rana Farahani employing the artistic alias of Fauna within ten tracks stretched over a playtime of 35 minutes roughly. Opening with "Primus" the artist creates a mixture of pure Ambient beauty and a unsettling text-to-speech message followed by "Drive By (Gauna)" exploring a dark, cold, repetetive take on SciFi Hop / ElectroTrap whereas "Unbehagen" is a stripped down, hyperfuturistic, slightly Trance-infused dancefloor anthem for highly advanced Electro floors and "Death Fly" continues with quite an uplifting variation of captivating Ambient / IDM Trance that's gonna be described as nothing short of a banger. When it feels "Lonely At The Top" we see Fauna drift off into a colour popping realm of SynthWave Pop, "Hölle" goes up a more heartfelt, holoromantic SynthPop alley and "Went Home To Get Lost" is a well trancey Future Goth tune lifting Techno crowds into ecstatic states as well. Furthermore Fauna's "Ghosttrack" comes across as a sweet ethereal one soundwise albeit transmitting a darker anti-message, "Exit" caters more eerie text-to-speech that could be well suitable as an opening for your next favorite horror flic and the concluding "Ultimus" waves goodbye from a near earth orbit in a proper (Neo)Cosmic manner. We like. Much.


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