Saturday, June 02, 2018

Andrew Tuttle - Andrew Tuttle [Someone Good Promo]

Coming in straight from Australia is Andrew Tuttle's third, and self-titled, album piece which has been put on the circuit via the Someone Good-imprint on May 2th, 2k18. Based in Brisbane, the Australian composer has teamed up with contributing artists like Charlie Parr, Dina Maccabee, Chris Rainier and Joel Saunders to create this eight track piece, fusing Ambient scapes and a highly abstract ritualistic, yet calm feel in the albums opener named "Sondermalm Syndrome" which even brings a bit of Country into the mix here and there whilst "Transmission Interruption" provides more of a meandering guitar twang, the "Boarding Zone" fully goes down the intimate Ambient Folk route and "Garden Development" follows, also on a slightly more lo-fi oriented tip. Listening to the "Meterological Warning" we're transcending into a state of ultimate calmness, "Reflections On The Twilight" turns out to be a sweet closing tune after a hot summers day, "A Winding River" goes full on fast paced Experimental Country and the final tune "The Coldest Night" comes forward as the only classical Ambient tune on this album, presenting an etheral flow of slowly moving pads, undisturbed like frozen time... or thick fog stuck deep within a mountains forrest and therefore turns out to be our pick of choice on this album outing.


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