Friday, June 15, 2018

Ben Chatwin - Staccato Signals [Village Green Recordings]

In the pipe for July 6th, 2k18 is "Staccato Signals", the third album crafted by Scotsman Ben Chatwin which is is put on the circuit via the British independent label Village Green Recordings. Initially intended to be controlled by the unpredictability of analogue, modular sequencers and synthesizers throughout  the production process we see the artist adding another additional layer and approach here, bringing string sections and other more (Neo)Classical-referring organic sounds to the table which are turning the albums feel around, opening with the most beautiful and scenic "Divers In The Water" before the "Silver Pit" introduces brooding synth basslines and a dreaming, floating main motif atop a slow moving background beat structure, paying homage to early Synth pioneers whilst "Helix" provides a spiralling texture and more active, intertwined vibe and "Fossils" uncovers a lighter, playful and positive side of Ben Chatwin's work. "Knots" is following the friendly, light-hearted path paved by its predecessor, "Substrates" provides a calm, yet slightly distorted and surely melancholia-infused Score Ambient feel and "Claws" are not there to hurt but to soothe with more musical beauty. "Hound Point" goes down a similar musical route albeit introducing a tender beat foundation, pulsating vintage synths and plucked guitar strings as well as an intricate, steadily changing, cascading melodic figure to its audience, the "Bow Shock" fully indulges in Tribal-infused ChillOut layers and the final cut takes us to the "Black Castle", a place where heartfelt Ambient and (Neo)Classical vibes meet, fuse and can never be separated again for a reason. More of an autumnal affair than an album to be released in mid-summer yet deep and good regardless.

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