Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Skadedyr - Musikk! [Hubro Music]

Coming from Norway's ever active Hubro Music label is "Musikk!" by Skadedyr, the projects new album released two years after their latest longplay piece named "Culturen". Once again pieced together by a massive 12 musician line-up which all have their individual saying in the compositional process the nature of their sound is hard to grasp, with the epic title track "Musikk!" gravitating somewhat into Psychedelic SpaceJazz with a hint of krautsiness before shifting into tongue-in-cheek, partly even comical territories only to land on a bluesy guitar twang and a heavy Improv approach later after whereas "Frampek" goes all in when it comes to FreeJazz madness and beyond, led by a thundering drum set, seductive rolling bass and a maelstrom of sonic events that seemingly includes animal noises alongside a horde of abused instruments whilst "Kallet" seems to step out into more naturalistic, Desert Tribal territories with its fever'ish, ritualistic atmosphere which, once again, shifts towards minimalist, yet experimental madness throughout the tunes course. With "Festen" Skadedyr explores a twisted variation of Cool Jazz, the 70 seconds skit that is "Fortrett" provides new insights into processed, plucked guitars and the final cut "Hage Om Kvelden" waves goodbye on a ruminant, repetetive Piano melancholia tip, bringing forth a more collected and structurally consistent aspect of the groups musical work. Demanding, yet one for those in the know.

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