Monday, June 11, 2018

Tom Hall - Spectra [Elli Records 006]

Released via the French imprint Elli Records on June 5th, 2k18 is "Spectra", the newest album outing put on the circuit by Los Angeles-based audiovisual artist Tom Hall who is dealing with the concept of recontextualizing periphal spaces with this one. Starting his 44 minutes journey with a tune named "One Fell Swoop" Hall paves the way for things to come with an array of nervous, fast-paced synth tones accompanied by warm Ambient-related pads, an overall hazy feel and irregular glitches, followed by the cryptically named "Vail 1123581321" incorporating both wild, spiralling synth modulations as well as a main motif somehow reminiscent of ancient courtly dances whereas the  "Ebb" gravitates towards a mixture of re-arranged, field recorded clangs with a well futuristic twist, sci-fi Electronica and a warm, welcoming vintage low end before "Remains" provides more multilayered, glitched out (Un)Ambient for those who know. Going with the "Flow" we see Tom Hall travelling back in time, creating a retrofuturist Synth realm filled with pure nostalgia, "Esta Destin" brings forth screaming distortions in perfect harmony with a friendly, playful and curious melody before "Vast Limitations" turns out to be the darkest cut on this album with its overall brooding and chaotic maelstrom of seemingly freely improvised synth morphings. Furthermore "Intersect" weighs in a way more collected, intimate and inward looking production approach and the final tune named "Last Retreat" turns out to be a droning, klaxon'esque fest of pure Ambient harmonies, stretched out over a playtime of 9+ minutes. Defo our favorite Elli Records release so far.

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