Thursday, June 14, 2018

David Newlyn - Collected Fictions [Sound In Silence 050]

Coming back to Sound In Silence for his third album, and the labels fiftieth release overall, is the Durham / UK-based Ambient producer David Newlyn who is catering a menu of eight new tracks on this limited to 200 copies album. With "Introduction (Broken Cassette Mix)" we see Newlyn present a twisted approach towards broken and warped Piano Ambient introwise, "Ghost-Out" seems to reminisce of 80s Easy Listening Production Music or lovely lo-fi porn romanticism whereas his "Hymn To Bleachgreen" gets deep into hazy Ambient flows and "Travelling For A Living" includes messing around with playful, twisted, friendly, intricate, yet tongue-in-cheek melodic structures accompanied by carefully arranged, ultrasoft pads and Phonk-driven beats rolled out over approx. nine minutes as the longest as well as our favorite tune on "Collected Fictions". With "Ashes" David Newlyn explores the beauty of stripped down Piano Ambient, "Going Back" goes back to classic Ambient pads and seemingly field recorded sonic events in the very very background of the mix, "Close Again" branches out into beauteous Glitch / Electronica crossovers and "About Tomorrow (Live At The Piano Shop)" captures another Field Recording scene from the life of the artist in a snippet-like manner. Recommended, this!


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