Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Tendencies - L5 [Forking Paths Records]

Coming up with a new album piece employing his artistic moniker that is New Tendencies is Canada-based producer and designer Matt Nish-Lapidus who's about to release his latest longplayer named "L5" as a cassette on Forking Paths Records in mid-July. Exploring abstraction and minimal textures as driving force of project the well-named opener "Start" provides cold, scientific sound, hefty bass warps and movements of humongous masses as an introduction to Nish-Lapidus' post-apocalyptic realm, "Trust" weighs in cold UltraPhonk for advanced Electronica dancefloors, "Practice" is based on piercing sinewave pulses and scraping, highly abstract rhythm signatures, "Ultralight" combines short digital signals and clean cut, superprocessed beats for futuristic robo raves whereas the follow up "Point" makes one with a more electroid, still very abstract attitude. Following sound for "Various Purposes" we see New Tendencies provide hefty, compressed clonks and slow-motion electronics for a dystopian future, "Barycenter" seems to draw influences from the deep melancholia and longing for faraway shores mostly found in those living in big harbour cities whilst mixing this attitude up with pristinely clean Electronica patterns from the future before "Wise" provides intense brooding, ever morphing distortions, the "Different Object" floats on a different timeline, bound to an outerworldy modulating midrange drone whilst "Stop", the final cut on this album, creates vary-speed tension with a slightly morphing melodic cycle that keeps the tension high over the course of its runtime although presenting a well repetetive approach to what might be a modular production in this track. One for the tape lovers for sure.


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