Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Carl Stone - Electronic Music From The Eighties And Nineties [Unseen Worlds 020]

Scheduled for release via Unseen Worlds on July 13th, 2k18 is the second collection of previously unreleased Carl Stone works on the label, this time incorporating - as the title suggests - "Electronic Music From The Eighties And Nineties". Offering four compositions with a playtime between 14 and 24 minutes the album opens with "Banteay Srey", a dreamlike, repetetive yet ever evolving set of vintage Ambient composition and mysterious familiarity whereas the follow up "Sonali" walks up a positive, playful alley and finds itself frolicking through summer meadows whilst employing classically infused melodic structures alongside cut up vocal microsampling, distorted glitching and panoramic, widescreen synthesizer pads. With "Woo Lae Oak" we see Carl Stone weighing in a nervous, oscillating approach to string instruments layered with long soothing flute tones meandering through the stereo field before the concluding 23+ minutes of "Mae Yao" drift of into glitch-driven, Oval'esque territories whilst also referencing artists like Ekkehard Ehlers - think of "Betrieb" here - or long gone imprints like Orthlorng Musork musically. We like this.


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