Sunday, June 03, 2018

The Young Mothers - Morose [Super Secret Records 023]

Put on the circuit via Super Secret Records on May 25, 2k18 is "Morose", the sophomore album released by The Young Mothers, an Austin /  Texas-based Improv outfit led by Norwegian bass player Ingebrigt Haker Flaten catering a sweet, Jazz-infused ten tracks journey spread over a 37 minutes playtime. Opening with "Attica Black"  the group paves the way for things to come on a hard Funk meets Advanced HipHop note for all breakers and fly girls culminating in a heavy FreeJazz climax, "Black Tar Caviar" brings on raw, heartfelt JazzNoir turning into distortion driven Mutant HipHop, Hardcore and DeathRap, "Bodiless Arms" weigh in a yearning, yet totally abandoned and lonely feel Jazz-wise combined with bits and bops of Balearic guitars whereas "Francisco" comes across in a surprisingly at ease mood, presenting us with a lively BarJazz meets Psychedelic Exotica vibe of sorts. Furthermore "Untitled #1", a 77 seconds skit, weighs in a noisey, brutal full on Improv attack, "Jazz Oppression" picks up on the hard-hitting tone and amalgamates the groups jazzy vibes with extreme Hardcore violence whilst the title track "Morose" adds a little more Funk to a yet aggressive undertone and "Osaka" provides deep vibing  melancholia for all true Jazz headz out there. With the second skit "Untitled #2" The Young Mothers are bringing forth more Free Improv violence before they're waving goodbye with "Shanghai", a surprisingly soulful and well epic closing tune catering a kind of cinematic drama and panorama scale production as a foundation for intense, yet distorted Rap-sequences and psychedelic guitar workouts. Interesting, this.

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Blogger HRD said...

I saw your post and thought this referred to Young Mother which is a punk/experimental group. I'm normally not very into jazz unless it is an element of hip-hop. I just sampled Black Tar Caviar and it's ... interesting, as you put it. I'll grab a copy and give it a try. Excellent write-up!

Cheers, Tom

2:22 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

thx man. they've got elements of hiphop / mutant hiphop in here so this might up your alley in parts...

1:35 AM  

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