Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Uruk - Mysterium Coniunctionis [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travels]

Put on the circuit as a conjunctional effort between the labels Ici D'Ailleurs and Mind Travels on June 22nd, 2k18 is "Mysterium Coniunctionis", the latest album effort created by the group Uruk, a duo formed by long-time Coil collaborator Thighpaulsandra and Massimo Pupillo which are presenting two tracks on the longplay piece, both of them just about hitting the 20 minutes mark. Opening is "Spagyria", a brooding, apocalyptic and danger-heralding take on beautifully minimalist Dark Ambient characterized by a sequence of time-dissolving bass pulses as a foundation for quite an array of spatial, eerie sounds and ghostly warps announcing the presence of otherworldly entities in a spine-tingling, score'esque manner before "Solve Et Coagula" captivates our alerted senses with waves of spiralling distortion, a dark'ish, even noir'esque Post-PostRock attitude somehow evoking memories of the likes of John Carpenter whilst drifting off into humongous, vantablack underground vaults when exploring stripped down, futuristic Cold Ambient-realms before touching down in the lands of creeping, grinding twisted Rhythm Industrial on a slow motion tip towards the tracks' very end. Highly recommended, this!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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